Upcoming away travel

Details of our forthcoming away trips to Stevenage, Newport, Crewe and Morecambe. If you would like to travel, please click here to send an email to Lee Jameson.

Saturday 8 October

Depart London Kings Cross   11-52

Arrive Stevenage                    12-17

Depart Stevenage                  18-06

Arrive London Kings Cross    18-32

Fares as low as £7.35 if travelling with a Network or Gold Card or in a group of three or more.

Newport County
Saturday 22 October

Depart London Paddington      11-10

Arrive Newport                         13-21

Depart Newport                        17-55

Arrive London Paddington        20-31

Maximum fare is £69-10 – a third off if you travel in a group of three or more.  Maybe able to get cheaper if you have rail cards (Not Network or Gold cards)

Crewe Alexandra
Saturday 12 November

Depart London Euston             10-46            

Arrive Crewe                            13-24

Depart Crewe                           19-02

Arrive London Euston               22-37

This is the cheapest way of getting to Crewe.  It is £29.00 return, further discounts with rail cards. (Not Network or Gold cards)

Please note some advance fares are still available using Virgin train and I can get 30% off sat the moment (No other discounts available) 

Saturday 26 November

Depart London Euston            08-43

Arrive Lancaster                      12-07

Depart Lancaster                    12-25

Arrive Morecambe                  12-36

Depart Morecambe                 17-55

Arrive Lancaster                     18-06

Depart Lancaster                    18-41

Arrive London Euston             21-38

I maybe able to get this trip for around £40.00, let me know ASAP if you wish to travel.

Lee Jameson

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