PASALB FC is the Sunday league side of the London Supporters Club – we play every Sunday afternoon at 2pm and our home pitch is in Chiswick, South West London.

We play in APFSCIL Division One against the likes of Everton, London Scottish and Manchester City.

The standard is mixed and all new players are welcome. The social side is very strong and there’s usually a party who travel together to PAFC away games as part of the wider PASALB contingent. We went on tour to Prague in 2012, Barcelona in 2014, Budapest in 2015 and Leiden in 2019

After the disruption of this season (we were 4th in the league when lockdown hit) we’re planning a fantastic tour for the summer of 2021. 

Ninety-five per cent of us are Argyle fans and those who aren’t tend to adopt Argyle as their second team…

For further information please contact James Willacy at or by phone on 07917 004020.

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