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Sunday 11 October – Notts County (Away)

With the match moved to Sunday and on Sky TV there’s no official trip, but if you’d still like to be at the match here’s the suggested cheapest train trip (based on prices on 2/10):

London St Pancras:          10.00

Nottingham:                      12.16

Nottingham:                      18.52

London St Pancras:          20.52

Unfortunately Megabus fares aren’t available on this route on a Sunday.

Check online for the cheapest fares, or alternatively APFSCIL have negotiated a price of £41 to Nottingham with East Midlands Trains which allows you to travel on any of their trains; let me know if you’re interested.

Tuesday 20 October – Oxford United (Away)

Again there’s no official trip, but for those travelling after work here’s the suggested cheapest train trip:

London Paddington:       17.22

Oxford:                            18.15

Oxford:                            22.11     22.30

London Paddington:       23.24     23.40

The fare (as at 2 October) is £8 single there and £8/£9 single back.

Alternatively there are also two regular coach services between London and Oxford.  

The Oxford Tube is £15 return (Nightrider Ticket after 3pm) and runs every 12-15 mins from Buckingham Palace Road and every 30 mins from Oxford (Gloucester Green Bus Station at 10 and 40 mins past the hour) until 1.10am

The X90 also has a £15 return ticket (same terms called a Night Owl) and follows much the same route.

Saturday 24 October – Luton Town (Away)

I realise this isn’t everyone’s favourite trip but if you’d like to join PASALB and take advantage of Group rates (£6.60 as opposed to £10) please contact me ASAP.

Train details to follow shortly.


Phil Burnam-Richards


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