Let’s Sponsor Curtis Again!

For each of the last three seasons Richard ‘Loud’ Leppard has kindly co-ordinated fundraising towards a sponsored shirt under PASALB’s name; successfully securing the shirt of captain and Argyle youth product Curtis Nelson.  Because of this long standing sponsorship deal we have priority to sponsor Curtis again.

The Player Sponsorship brings a number of benefits to both the Club and PASALB: 

  •    Firstly we receive a framed signed home shirt which in the past we’ve raffled between those who’ve made a contribution, as well as using as a prize in    subsequent fundraising. 
  •    Secondly we get publicity for PASALB as our name appears in each home programme. 
  •    Thirdly, as part of the package, we receive a number of match tickets to give to a charity of our choice which has been the NSPCC in recent seasons.

With Richard recovering after recent surgery Phil Burnam-Richards has taken up the responsibility for this season’s fundraising effort.

If you’d like to make a contribution to this worthy cause please contact Phil at philbr68@gmail.com or on 07941 948 506.

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