Derek Adams Sponsorship News

As you probably know, PASALB are the proud sponsors of Derek Adams this season and many thanks again to everyone who contributed to the sponsorship fund.  If you were a contributor, you know that there was a prize draw to allocate the sponsorship benefits.  I’m pleased to confirm the winners…

  1. Two places at the Sponsors Lunch just before Christmas were won by Geoff and Chloe who luckily reside in Plymouth and so had no problem attending and enjoying the event.
  2. The signed and framed Derek Adams training top was won by Bob Berriman and it will be presented to him by Derek in person at the 40th Anniversary celebration on 24 February.

Finally, as always, the sponsorship package includes a number of free match tickets and, as we have done for a number of years, PASALB have donated these to the NSPCC so they can bring some deserving youngsters to Home Park.  We know from previous years that this is much appreciated.

As his sponsors it is especially exciting that Derek will be the guest of honour at our 40th anniversary celebration.  If you haven’t signed up for this special event yet, please contact Lee Jameson while there are still spaces.

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